Why La Pomme?

Why La Pomme?

What is La Pomme? What do you sell? Do your products contain chemicals? Why are some products so expensive?

Just a few of the questions I’ve been asked over the last few weeks since announcing the opening of a shop soon in Ingatestone, Essex.

What is La Pomme?

La Pomme is more than an eco shop, I’ve fondly referred to it as a “faith back in humanity shop”. The wide range of products not only support our environment but they also support each other. It’s a feel good community full of kind heartedness that have busied away to help many people and many causes unbeknown to the world, and they haven’t stopped even through a pandemic! La Pomme positively seeks out these wonderful artisans and products, presents them all together in one place then champions them loudly! They so deserve to be found and customers deserve to find them.

What do you sell?

La Pomme sells all that is good and all that is positive - both for the environment and for humanity right across the board from day to day household items, health, beauty, home decor and styling. La Pomme strives to promote more natural, sustainable and ethical products. We are proud to source many British products but also proud to support traditional techniques globally that support communities where opportunities are so few.

Do your products contain chemicals?

All products contain chemicals! We source as close to natural as possible. Most of our products are bio sourced, organic and made from the most natural ingredients. All products are cruelty free. All health and beauty products contain an extensive list of ingredients to thoroughly check over before using. We stock both fluoride and non fluoride toothpaste options as we believe this is an individual’s choice. We welcome any queries on our products.

Why are some products so expensive?

Products are sourced naturally and are mostly handmade in small order quantities. Factory made items are extensively produced with less consideration for the item produced, the environment or the packaging they arrive in so are less expensive. Artisans striving to make a difference ensure that employees are fairly paid, the best quality products are used and also pay a premium to recycle products and source the best choice packaging. Through time we hope that this level of all round consideration becomes the norm and less expensive (and less wasteful!)

Why La Pomme?

Back to my first question and one that I’m extremely passionate about. I believe in not losing hope, turning away from negativity and judgement and seeking out all that is positive and good in this world as it really does exist if you look in the right place.

La Pomme was founded in the March 2020 lockdown whilst homeschooling three children. La Pomme has restored my faith in humanity and given me the hope and proof that we can make a difference in this world if we focus on the right things.

La Pomme is more than an eco shop, it’s a shop that takes you back to basics, to help you enjoy the simple things again before we got swept along with all that is wasteful and mass produced. It’s a shop to make you feel good. We believe that choosing well should feel rewarding, it should never feel like a sacrifice! We believe in supporting many British brands but we also believe in keeping traditional techniques alive globally that help skilled artisans earn a fair wage and showcase their traditions and wonderful products to us with great pride. Most importantly La Pomme gives purpose. Purpose is so important in life, it creates meaning and helps us to make a positive difference even through the hard times. My purpose is to champion wonderful people trying to make a difference in this world and to make every customer of La Pomme feel good and rewarded whether they buy a reusable teabag or a handbag. Every purchase is powerful and really does make a difference. It’s ok to not be vegan, it’s ok if you have a diesel car, it’s ok to just be curious and want to ask some questions before trying, it’s ok if you’re just starting out and you’re not too sure where to start! It’s ok if you don’t like the taste of a specific toothpaste and the list goes on...

La Pomme doesn’t believe in judgement or striving for perfection, we just want to make you feel good and comfortable with your choices so please do contact us if you need help or honest advice on any of our products,

Cheryl x

Founder of La Pomme