Handmade is true happiness

Handmade is true happiness

🍏 “We don't value craftsmanship anymore! All we value is ruthless efficiency, and I say we deny our own humanity that way! Without appreciation for grace and beauty, there's no pleasure in creating things and no pleasure in having them! Our lives are made drearier, rather than richer! How can a person take pride in his work when skill and care are considered luxuries! We're not machines! We have a human need for craftsmanship!” By Bill Watterson, There's Treasure Everywhere 🍏

There’s not much more to add really? I have always been in awe of craftsmanship and while I’ve tried my hand at making some things over the years I’m happy to leave it to the professionals. I can’t bear to think that if we don’t carry these traditions on they will be lost with mass production.

I just love this photo from Jungle Culture and everything about it. I look at it daily to make me smile and to remind me that these little bags of beauty are hand crafted at a rural carpentry studio in Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. The philosophy of the head carpenter is to respect nature and work only with sustainable materials.

Most bamboo cutlery sets are factory produced in China. Jungle Culture bamboo is handmade in Vietnam and the bags are designed in house and tailor-made to be stylish, light and high-quality.

The reusable bamboo cutlery set is the perfect plastic free alternative for eating on the go! Their portable travel utensils are BPA free, 100% safe & are handmade from a single piece of organic bamboo without the need for any harmful fertilisers, pesticide or glues. I only wish I was carrying one of these pouches in my bag for my family on our road trip in 2019. We live and learn! I’m certainly not leaving home without them now or the straws.